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Quickall blockchain uses AI & ML.

It uses Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence (D-AFI), a proprietary AI module.

Introduction to Quickall Blockchain

The problem of centralization in web3 ecosystem in blockchain networks such as Ethereum, Ripple, Algorand, Cardano, Polkadot, Corda and Solana remains unresolved along with many other blockchain platforms. Issues such as scalability, DAO governance, KYC validation, the classification of tokens as securities or commodities and quantum computing threats, also persist. QuickAll Blockchain aims to address these issues by using a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Machine Trust (PoMT), which combines Proof of Stake, Reputation, and Intelligence. Powered by Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence (D-AFI), QuickAll addresses decentralization, enhances scalability, offers decentralized Smart KYC processing, and is designed to handle quantum computing threats

Blockchain governed through decentralized artificial fragmentary intelligence.

Why artificial fragmentary intelligence?

Until the human being through physical science are discovered 100% the laws of “Space-nature”, earth and of quantum mechanics, and the actions/movements of quantum particles are not 100% governed by human, and until the social science and political science have not been able to provide the non-conflict global solutions to organize human life our cognition and complete knowledges of the philosophical, ethical, moral, social approaches and religions concepts will remain fragmentary.

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“In the present environment," physical science has not been able to fully understand and reveal all the laws of "nature". In turn, social science and political science have not been able to provide the non-conflict social-political system or environment for regulating the human social, religious and political life in the conflict situations trough creating rights and laws.

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