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About Quickall

Inspired by AI / ML

Quickall Blockchain Company was founded in 2022 in Los Angeles.


The Quick All blockchain is founded on its own concept of the Proof of Machine Trust consensus mechanism governed on an automated basis without human intervention by proprietary Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence.


Implementing proprietary decentralized Smart-KYC technology.


It is designed to provide decentralized, smart, automated, machine trust secured online services and smart contracts powered by Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence for financial, wealth fiduciary, legal services and for education, science, power supply, mining, industry, manufacture, car industry, agriculture industry, food industry, retailer, warehousing, medical, supply chain, biology, military, space and ocean, sports, digital games as well as for State Governance Systems.

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Our Story

Tech startups that change the world have always excited me. For years, I kept my secret “startup dream” in my heart and nurtured and enriched it every day. I believed that at some time I would be able to implement it. And with my startup, I will be able to change or to transform the centralized, static, global technological ecosystem to a decentralized smart/intelligent environment.


Thanks to the Founders of the American freedom, I also got a chance to “consume” American freedom since 2008. The American freedom turned my “startup dream” into American and I started to "struggle" to achieve my “American Dream".


To accomplish my “startup dream”, I read and studied 328,500 pages of technical documents and scientific texts for which I used 5475 days and 5475 nights.


I read 45 pages during the day and 15 pages at night and watched YouTube technological videos for 3 hours daily spending on it 16425 hours.


Due to my activity on LinkedIn, in 2022, LinkedIn gave me a nice opportunity to get to know Rohan Patange and software engineer Nitin Sahni, two very interesting blockchain technology experts and unique people with whom we founded our blockchain startup.

Our Mission

To implement the next fifth industrial revolution.


Enable the transition from a STAGNATED centralized “social market economy model” to a “decentralized smart capitalist economy model” using the Quickall blockchain philosophy and technology.


Quickall blockchain brings an ecosystem where public and permissionless networks, oracles, private and consortium chains, DAOs and the future technologies that are not created yet, during data sharing process will receive the security validated through machine by using the Quickall technology of machine trust and not through human verification.

What makes us different from our competitors.

The Quickall blockchain for data sharing use verification model provided by machine.


The “Quickall” blockchain technology replaces the outdated "trust" concept based on uncontrolled and unpredictable NATURAL human social-behavior (also depending on the global nature) and brings the game-changing Proof of Machine Trust consensus mechanism, governed by decentralized artificial fragmentary Intelligence, into the Web3 ecosystem.


The trust between two users or from machine to users is created through technology and by a machine and governed by a smart machine which don't use human validation to get the trust and don’t depend on “global nature” or by human unpredictable or controlled social behavior.


In the web3 ecosystem, almost all leading companies such as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Allgorand, Ripple, Corda, Solana and any DAOs by explaining their consensus mechanisms, talk about human or behavioral trust which has nothing with technology. Hence, the “trust concept” used by them is vulnerable and unpredictable. It is nothing more but an outdated Web2 social approach that has been invariably adapted for Web3 ecosystem. For this reason, all of the aforementioned blockchains are not fully or less decentralized and continue to use outdated web2 model of centralized governance on top of the blockchain platform.

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