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Why artificial fragmentary intelligence?

Until the human being through physical science are discovered 100% the laws of “Universe-nature-earth", quantum mechanics,  actions/movements of quantum particles are not 100% governed by human, and until the social science and political science have not been able to provide the non-conflict global solutions to organize human life our cognition and complete knowledges of the philosophical, scientific, ethical, moral, social approaches and religions concepts will remain fragmentary.

For this reason, our total knowledge accumulated by humanity can be qualified as fragmental and incomplete.

We know that for generating artificial intelligence, we need to “teach” and train it and for doing that we use the above-mentioned accumulated fragmentary knowledge. 

Hence as our total knowledge is fragmentary, then the artificial intelligence created on the basis of that incomplete knowledge also becomes and will remain fragmentary for indefinite time.


“In the present environment," physical science has not been able to fully understand and reveal all the laws of "Universe-nature". In turn, social science and political science have not been able to provide the non-conflict social-political system or environment for regulating the human

social-economical, religious and political life in the conflict or non-conflict situations through

creating rights and laws.

Thus, it can be said that the contemporary “social market economy”, which represents the progressive "current political, economical, social and spiritual environment" has only a local-ethnical-national usage.


It serves only the fragmentary requirements of the constitutional-egocentric political, social, cultural ethno-territorial and "environmental narrow" needs. And It does not meet today’s technological growth and satisfy human needs therefore it is stagnate and needs a change. It follows from this that the  scientific, social-economical, religious and political total knowledge accumulated by humanity and the level of human entire cognition in the "present environment", can be described as imperfect and fragmentary.


So, if "the present scientific, social-economical, political and spiritual environment" is imperfect for human or perfect but fragmentary, so the present environment will be considered "fragmentary" therefore we can claim that "WE KNOW AND SEE ONLY FRAGMENTS".

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