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About Quickall Inspired by

The Ultimate Innovation in Blockchain

About Quickall

QUICKALL is AI governed internet with own search engine powered through AI. Quickall blockchain offers very easy platform to create on it applications and connect decentralized applications, services, and institutions.


It is a blockchain ecosystem that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technologies for machine making security, transparency, automation, and machine trust. Quickall blockchain uses Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence (D-AFI), a proprietary AI module, to automate complex processes and deliver an unbiased distributed platform with high performance and low latency.

AI Governed

Quikall blockchain is AI governed internet with proprietary search engine powered through AI.

Sole Owner

In the Quickall ecosystem you are the SOLE owner of your own data.

Commercialize Data

You can commercialize your data, you can sell it privately to the person or you can sell it to corporations directly or in Quickall data sell/ auctions, you can give it for lease, or for rent to earn money using smart contract. You can also make a group of data with others people in order to sell it as a group data directly through smart contract or on the Quickall decentralized "data sell and exchange" platform. You can use your group data as collateral or as barter commodity and sell as "bonds" of the group.

No Code

On the Quickall website/ecosystem no programming knowledge is required from the creators of the application or users of the website.


The Quickall “programmer bot” (P-bot) specially destined for automated smart programming/coding to create decentralized application (dApp) will do all the required tasks for creating the needed application without human intervention.

Core Values

  • AI governed internet with proprietary search engine powered through AI

  • Smart governing

  • Smart automation

  • Machine made decision making model

  • Machine trust smart consensus mechanism

  • Machine generated security

  • Intercontinental decentralized interoperable smart data sharing hub

  • Smart and automated fiduciary service based on machine trust

  • Proprietary artificial intelligence module

  • Quickall parent chatbot, called Decentralized Artificial Fragmentary Intelligence (D-AFI), also has six Professional Fragmentary Auto bots, which include: Specially generated “professional” Quickall AI/ML fragmentary Auto “Chatbots-Chancellor” in six categories.

  • Bots communicate with each other easily and, if necessarily make a joint decision.

  1. For Anthropology/human studies | A-bot

  2. For physical science | Phys-bot

  3. For biological sciences | Bi-bot

  4. For social sciences | S-bot

  5. For political sciences | P-bot

  6. For study religions | R-bot

  • Children’s friendly Auto-chatbot “smart buddy” specially designed/created for children and teenagers.


  • Auto-chatbot friendly for family and lonely people communicate as a “nice ally” as health, psychological therapist /consultant, first aid consultant, household, utilities, yard, garden, pet, educational, commercial, social communications, smart home device manager, and emergency manager/Chancellor.

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